Intro - steam 1.4.4

May 16, 2023

MIT License

A python module for interacting with various parts of Steam.

Supports Python 2.7+ and 3.4+.


  • SteamClient - communication with the steam network based on gevent
  • CDNClient - access to Steam content depots
  • WebAuth - authentication for access to and
  • WebAPI - simple API for Steam’s Web API with automatic population of interfaces
  • SteamAuthenticator - enable/disable/manage two factor authentication for Steam accounts
  • SteamID - convert between the various ID representations with ease
  • Master Server Query Protocol - query masters servers directly or via SteamClient

Checkout the User guide for examples, or the API Reference for details.

For questions, issues, or general curiosity, visit the repo at

Like using the command line? Try steamctl tool

Quick install

For system specific details, see Installation Details.

Install latest version from PYPI:

# with SteamClient dependecies
pip install -U steam[client]

# without (only when using parts that do no rely on gevent, and protobufs)
pip install -U steam

Install the current dev version from github:

# cutting edge from master
pip install git+

# specific version tag (e.g. v1.0.0)
pip install git+[client]
# without SteamClient extras
pip install git+